Pasture &
Forest-Raised Artisanal Pork

Animal Welfare Approved

Permaculture Principled

Nutrient Dense & Non-GMO

Low Carbon Footprint

Land Regenerative

Tastes Incredible

Raised at a Family Farm

Pockerchicory Farms features heritage products that are permaculture principled, nutrient dense, non-GMO, low carbon footprint, pasture- and forest-raised, land regenerative and restorative, and incredible to eat!! When you purchase with us, you are buying DIRECTLY from a family farm, not from a meat aggregator or a third party.

Part of our proceeds goes to support sustainable agriculture and living education through the non-profit We Are All Farmers.

We use Management intensive Grazing (MiG) to rotationally graze our hogs through hardwood forests and real, green pastures (no “dirt lots” or “outside access” advertised as pasture here!), finishing them for two weeks with 6 to 12 hour rotations on pastures of ryegrass, clover, oats, and dwarf essex rape. Want to know a farm? Look at its soil! Good soil looks like chocolate cake….

This kind of management rebuilds soil, mimics hog grazing in nature, and makes for amazing flavor!

Pockerchicory Farms was recently featured on the Weather Channel! Check out the awesome video!

Weather Channel Video The Pigs Are Our Partners

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We raise & sell Animal Welfare Approved pastured pork. We sell in the Appalachian & Piedmont regions & online. We treat our animals to the highest ethical standards.